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Jeff and I talk about the week after the Flying Pig Marathon: how we’ve been feeling and what we’ve been doing. We also discuss “diagnostic runs” and what we think about while we’re running. We’re all in this together.
Jeff and I talk about the week after the Flying Pig Marathon: how we’ve been feeling and what we’ve been doing. We also discuss “diagnostic runs” and what we think about while we’re running. We’re all in this together.
Most of the time, treat I love when my Nike+ system tells me something new — like I’ve set a new PR for the mile or have run a new long distance. But today, viagra Nike+ told me that its sensor battery was low and I’d have to replace it soon.

What? I thought that the mystical energy emanating from my feet would recharge the sensor with every step I took. Or more realistically, that there might be some kind of kinetic energy recharging system built into the sensor. No such luck. There appears to be a normal expendable battery in the sensor that needs to be replaced after a certain amount of use. How much use? According to Apple’s FAQ, about 1000 “active hours”. Based on what some other runners have written about the Nike+ battery, this appears to include times when the sensor is in motion, even if you aren’t actively sending data to the Nike+ receiver (attached to your Nano). In other words, the motion of carrying your bag to the gym and back or walking around the grocery store in your running shoes counts as active use time.

For me, the bottom line is that I really like the Nike+ system. I’ve used mine for over a year now. The replacement sensor is $19 from Apple’s web site. Honestly, it’s worth paying that cost once per year in exchange for getting reasonably accurate information about how your training is progressing. So with that said, I’m going to place my order for a new sensor, but do what I can to ensure that this one lasts as long as possible.

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48 Responses to Nike+ Battery

  1. Brandon says:

    I had to replace mine about two months ago. It’s actually a great excuse to re-calibrate the darn thing!!

  2. I want to get the nike plus, but my husband has read bad reviews about it that it doesn’t keep an accurate measurement. Any advice on this? Have you experienced any of the things the bad reviews say – the battery dying after 20min, can’t measure miles accurately?
    Different subject, but yoga does help a lot with running. I’m even getting my husband to try it because it teaches good breathing techniques – something us newbies need to learn to run longer distances, and the strech helps our muscles recover quicker.

  3. Allan Gyorke says:

    In my experience, the Nike+ system is accurate to about + or – 5%. I recently ran a 5K race and afterward, the Nike+ system said that I ran about 3.03 miles instead of 3.1. At other times, it has slightly overestimated my distance. It also depends on how you wear it in or on your shoe, but it can be calibrated to adjust for any consistent under/over measurements. By the way, I have also heard that the Garmin system (based on GPS coordinates) consistently over measures distance as well — no system is perfect, but better than having to guess or count laps all the time.

    I’ve had mine for over a year and the battery just went on it, so unless the particular unit is defective, it should last you a very long time. If you already have a iPod Nano, buy the Nike+ and give it a try. The ability to track your performance is a big motivator.

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